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The words apothecary and mercantile conjure up images of something that is on the verge of being forgotten. We want you to remember what it is like to have knowledgeable people attending you when you shop for your herbs, spices and foods. We want you to smell and taste and feel the old world in a new way. We want to help you make the ordinary everyday things unforgettable. 
We, are a mother and daughters trio who hand pick items that appeal because of their beauty, taste and function in our lives. We also offer classes to teach you how to better use these items in your everyday life. We offer personal coaching in nutrition and athletics as well as life and birth coaching. We will be hosting workshops as well as regular bike rides and runs, these will include sampling our awesome selections of foods, teas and coffee!


Where are we. How do I get ahold of you?

We are located at 125 Broadway Ave. Pueblo, CO
An added bonus to our location is that we have parking! Located right behind our building.
Phone number: ----------